Sunday, February 2, 2014

Teaching is good. So is studying the scriptures.

The chapel in La Cumbre, Bucaramange, Colombia

I think some of the saddest stories in the scriptures are the stories of Saul, David, and Solomen. all great men who fell in some way or another. Also something that I think I ought to say. Samuel when he saw the first born of Jesse thought to himself - aww here is a king, but the Lord said he shall not looketh on the outside apperance but the Lord looketh on the heart. I think most people would say to Samuel, how did you not know that, Mister Prophet. But to be fair to Samuel, the last king that the Lord chose what the tallest, strogest, and  best looking guy in Israel. The scriptures say that Saul was the tallest and no one was taller from their shoulders up and that he was a choice and goodly man. In spanish the word used is apuesto to describe him which means elegant or good looking. The scriptures say David was also good looking and mentions many good physical characteristics that he had. So yes, the Lord looks on the heart but I do believe that there is a reason that he choose Saul, the tallest, strongest, best looking. And David we obviously physically capable. And everywhere in the Book of Mormon it says a prophet is an awesome person who was large in stature.... and that is all I am going to say about that.
Dad is right the best part of the mission is teaching. I really enjoy my personal study too. I was thinking about what I should tell you about my experiences here and really teaching is fun and scary and frustrating all at the same time. There are some funny stories. For example we are teaching a family. Part of the family is catholic and the other protestant. We began our lesson about the restoration and 3 points in we asked a question about prophets and then the family started fighting about the Pope. My companion and I didn’t say anything for about ten minutes while the family was fighting among themselves. It ended with us telling them you are both wrong... so that went well. We have a lesson with them next Sunday. There’s lots of other stuff I don’t have the time to tell.
Love you guys