Monday, November 3, 2014

Transfer - I'm Staying, but not my Companero

3 November 2014
Hey fam how is it going? So today there are transfers and my comp left. Tomorrow I will be with a new comp. Also I am now the District Leader but that pretty much means that I get to work more. But that is fine.

My comp and I had a baptism this week so that was awesome. 
los misioneros están felices a pesar del calor y bautismo 
One of the things that we started doing is singing hymns before every lesson. Our lessons seem to be more powerful when we do that. A women and her daughter decided to leave the church over something really stupid. The girl wanted to go to BYU but to get in she needs to go to seminary. She never went to seminary and then they went to the Branch President and asked him to sign off her seminary card thing saying that she had gone to seminary so that she could go. The President said he wouldn't (because that would be dishonest) and so they left the church . . . soooo yay. I am going to vist them tonight and will see how it goes. The church is really just starting here so there are always stupid things that happen. We will see how it goes.
We are still teaching bible classes in the church and it has been going pretty well. We have 4 to 6 people who attend regularly but hopefully more will come after this transfer. Were trying to teach the masses. Sooo that is what's up. I have to go and lets be honest I know that Asenath never reads the whole thing if it is long so I guess I will keep it short. 
Love you guys, Luke

Short and to the Point

October 27 2014
Hey mom everything is going great here. We should have a baptism this Saturday. My comp and I found a ton of people to teach this week so things are looking pretty good. Transfers are coming up and I will probably get a new companion. But we will see what happens.
Love, Luke

1000's of words (photographs)

13 October 2014
First let me say we have a cool zone. The entire zone is as large as my district was in Spokane. We recently did a service project to paint a school.

Of course the room I worked in was the best painted! 
 The Awesome Zone

Things have been going well. Here I am cleaning the baptismal font because we had some baptisms.
It is probably the coolest baptismal font I have seen. The only problem is that it takes foreverrrrrr to fill up.

Here we are about to put the font to good use!

Remember when I said I've eaten ants?  Well here is a foto of one of the little beasties, hormiga culona. People fry them up with butter. I didn't think they tasted all that good. A little crunchy.

This is kind of our backyard. Big industrial place across the river.
 And these our some of our neighbors . . . they are not very receptive
 Sorry for the last photo Mom. You don't need to worry. The alligator is busy eating ants! 

Love, Luke

On occasion I do get sick . . .

6 October 2014

Crazy Cuisine

29 September 2014

The BEST mission in the world

September 22 2014
Well family, this week has been pretty much like a normal missionary week: visiting people, finding people, dropping people, being dropped by people. We had transfers this week but nothing has changed with me and my companion. However there is one missionary here who has only been here for one transfer. He is a Greeny and he is not getting along with his trainer. He was praying for a transfer and got transfered . . . and he told us 'Wow! Now I know that God answers prayers." It is kinda sad that he had such a bad experience with his first companion. But it happens. I guess its one of the ways God helps his missionary develop patience.

Interestingly enough the most common thing that I think we have had to teach this week is about polygamy. That is kinda wierd all of the members had questions about it. So we have taught all the members in our area about polygamy and temple sealings and things like that. That was thanks to Elder Joseph F Smith and the book Teachings of the Presidents that mentioned he was sealed 3 times . . . so that was fun.

But its always an adventure here. Like today for example we do not have water in the house and I have to wash all my clothes . . . but I think that it is these little trials that make life fun.
Good quote from Helen Keller: 'Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."So I figure life would be pretty boring if I had a wahing machine and water all of the time or even warm water. No actually it is so hot here that I dont think I would use warm water even if I had it. 
I have only had like 3 or 4 woman ask me if I wanted a wife or girlfriend or if they could come back with me to the United States. I think it is because I am in a smaller city so it doesn't happen as often.
But all and all its pretty awesome here I am pretty sure I have the best mission in the world.
Love, Luke