Sunday, January 26, 2014

New Year Progress

Jan 6

Hey Mom, I just wanted to say, it really is not very dangerous here. It's kinda and boring actually. I have heard Gangum Style three times while I've been here. That is just an interesting fact.

Another interesting fact is that I met a warlock. At least he said he was one. He said he works black magic and stuff like that. We thought he might have been crazy. He said he had seen snakes in his bed and a man that had no eyes appeared in his room. Because he's seen some creepy stuff, he says he wants to change. 

He also said some things that made me think he had more knowledge than we thought: like he believes that before this life, we lived with God as spirits. He believes that God sent everyone here to the earth with at least one spiritual gift. And he believes that because we have bodies we are more powerful than spirits. Soooo idk

I also had my first drunk person condemn me to hell. I had just read in Corinthians that day that drunkenness  is a sin before God. So I was laughing the whole time he told me I was going to hell, which seemed to make him madder. But I couldn't help it. It just seemed so funny that in a sinful state he was condemning me to hell. 

My companion was sick this week and asked for a blessing. I gave him one in the best Spanish. He got better and we were able to go out and teach. So that is pretty much what happened event wise this week. 
The language is coming along really well. I can speak well enough to speak my mind, participate in lessons, buy whatever I need, and laugh and joke with my companion. So things are pretty good. I wouldn't say that I'm fluent, but I don't feel incompetent. We have one person on a baptismal date but the last 2 Sundays he hasn't showed up, so we might have to take him off date. We had four investigators come to church and one of the members has a mother who is ready to be baptized so it looks like we will have a baptism.

 I would like more success than we've had, but I did some introspection and decided that I need to make sure I want success for the right reasons. This isn't my work and I'm not here for my glory. I'm here for God and to do his work. Perhaps I just need to lose myself and focus more on others and how I can help them. So that is what I'm trying to do, but as with all gospel principles, the application is the hardest part. 


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