Monday, November 3, 2014

1000's of words (photographs)

13 October 2014
First let me say we have a cool zone. The entire zone is as large as my district was in Spokane. We recently did a service project to paint a school.

Of course the room I worked in was the best painted! 
 The Awesome Zone

Things have been going well. Here I am cleaning the baptismal font because we had some baptisms.
It is probably the coolest baptismal font I have seen. The only problem is that it takes foreverrrrrr to fill up.

Here we are about to put the font to good use!

Remember when I said I've eaten ants?  Well here is a foto of one of the little beasties, hormiga culona. People fry them up with butter. I didn't think they tasted all that good. A little crunchy.

This is kind of our backyard. Big industrial place across the river.
 And these our some of our neighbors . . . they are not very receptive
 Sorry for the last photo Mom. You don't need to worry. The alligator is busy eating ants! 

Love, Luke

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