Monday, November 3, 2014

Transfer - I'm Staying, but not my Companero

3 November 2014
Hey fam how is it going? So today there are transfers and my comp left. Tomorrow I will be with a new comp. Also I am now the District Leader but that pretty much means that I get to work more. But that is fine.

My comp and I had a baptism this week so that was awesome. 
los misioneros est├ín felices a pesar del calor y bautismo 
One of the things that we started doing is singing hymns before every lesson. Our lessons seem to be more powerful when we do that. A women and her daughter decided to leave the church over something really stupid. The girl wanted to go to BYU but to get in she needs to go to seminary. She never went to seminary and then they went to the Branch President and asked him to sign off her seminary card thing saying that she had gone to seminary so that she could go. The President said he wouldn't (because that would be dishonest) and so they left the church . . . soooo yay. I am going to vist them tonight and will see how it goes. The church is really just starting here so there are always stupid things that happen. We will see how it goes.
We are still teaching bible classes in the church and it has been going pretty well. We have 4 to 6 people who attend regularly but hopefully more will come after this transfer. Were trying to teach the masses. Sooo that is what's up. I have to go and lets be honest I know that Asenath never reads the whole thing if it is long so I guess I will keep it short. 
Love you guys, Luke

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