Sunday, March 30, 2014

Do all dogs go to heaven? and other controversial topics

3 March 2014

Dear family,
I have gotten the Christmas thing that the ward sent it was very nice. However I would like to know why it did not arrive with any Jesus stickers. Why are you guys acting like Laman and Lemuel and forgetting the wise counsel that others have given. Repent and put Jesus stickers on the envelopes, and Jesus pass along cards and whatever else Jesus!

Today some guy chased me down on the street and when he started talking I thought that he wanted to Bible bash - and I was thinking bring it on - my doctrine is flawless. I will bash you to pieces here in the street. But he asked me why dogs are going to heaven. That kind of threw me off. I asked why he thought that dogs were not going to heaven and he said because in Revelations it says so. So I said hmmm I don't know and he said it is a really hard problem and left. Soooo ya. 

My new comp is from Chile and he only has about 3 months left on his mission. For his job he needs to speak English so he is speaking English all that time . . . The other day I decided to fast for new investigators and received 8 in one day. That was pretty cool. Also our teacher for gospel principles decided to go less active because she does not like the girl friend of her son. So I have a calling in the ward now ¡yay! Thats like a half yay because teaching is fun so I do not mind doing it. It does make me worry about some of the members here.

I know why we have chichi members here. It is because no one is doing their family and visiting home teaching. I never knew how important it was until I saw a ward that was not doing it. Pres Hinkley said that every member needs 3 things: 1) a friend, 2) a responsibility, 3) and nutricion by the good word. Family home teaching does this. If it is done correctly it gives everyone more then one friend a resposiblity and nutricion. Since the ward is not doing it they are not unified, and because they are not fullfilling this responsibility they are not prepared for other greater responsibilities. Really this is bastante importante.

Really the more I study the gospel and the more time I spend in it the more convinced I am that it is the truth. It is so profound and so simple at the same time. There are just so many awesome things in the gospel. My testimony was based on faith and now, more and more, it is now based on knowledge.

OK this is all I have time for right now. I have work to do
Love you guys. The gospel is true 

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