Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lessons from Boy Scouts

17 Feb (I know - so late)
Soooo due to a series of unfortunate events here in Colombia we lost our gas in our stove. It has been out now for more than two weeks. When it first went out i thought to myself mmmm ok that is fine I will just eat the things I have that I do not need to cook . . . and then I opened the refrigerator . . . see photo
We did not have a lot of options and I did not want to go Rambo and eat raw eggs here in Colombia, or anywhere else. So I thought to myself what can be done to correct this problem. And then like a tidal wave of inspiration a remembered my Boy Scouts particularly something with Brother Lane about camping. That a can with toliet paper, soaked in alcohol, can burn for a decent amount of time. The paper acts as a wick of a candle and the alcohol like candle wax. And so I created picture 2 and my comp and I were able to eat. God bless the Boy Scout. God bless America! 

I do have a journal. I probably need to write in it more. I would like another Jesus The Christ in English because the one I have is dead (falling apart). 

Entonces . . . asi es la vida. I am doing a lot of walking and preaching so that is pretty awesome. This week we met 2 men (on different days) who told us that they had seen visions. One said that he saw a cloud. And in the cloud they saw the face of the angel which was the face of the lion. The angel spoke to the man and as a result of this vision he wanted a Book of Mormon. I was thinking this guy might be crazy (because all of the crazy people find me - that is not and exaggeration of any kind. They are attracted to me like magnets.) But hey that is really cool. He also wanted to know about the Word of Wisom and so we told him. Then he asked does that apply to Coca Cola. (idk why but the people have an affinity for this type of soda. It does not even taste good.) We told him that if someone was living the law in the highest form that they probable would not drink it. Then he said Coca Cola is from the United States - as if that would change the commandment of God. He is right that we totally are the people living in the favored land.

The other I think was just a liar. He said he saw christ . .  I believe he was lying to make us believe he had spiritual authority. He started off saything that he wanted to hear our message and that he didn't have a church. Then later he said that he was a missionary and invited us to his church and told us that he had seen Christ. I didnt bother to ask the details but maybe I should have. But I said, "Oh it seems to me like you are ready for more revelation. Here it is" and I gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he will read it . . . vamos a ver. So take that Satan.

Today I ate at burger king. The other day though I ate cow tounge so I felt like I deserved some fast food. 


I also played soccer (futbol). It was me and my comp and another companionship that were playing. The two Latinos said hey let's do Gringos vs Latinos because they wanted to beat us really bad. And we totally won. So that was awesome. I totally threw some gymnastics in there. Splits, flips, todo . . . I have to admit we also threw some American football during the game.  They were pretty sore losers haha que verg├╝enza para ellos.

I do not want to tell you about our fechas or anything else because I do not want to jinx anything. So this is pretty much it. Next time I will try to send pictures. Love you guys and the gospel is true.

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