Monday, August 4, 2014

Revelations and Understanding

Hey guys I wanted to share with you a reason that we ought to read the Book of Mormon more. There are lots of reason that we should read the Book of Mormon but here are some especially awesome ones.

Our 9th article of faith states that, "we believe that . . . God will reveal many great and important things pertaining to the kingdom of God." God had many more things that he can reveal. God says to Moses that His works have no end and His words never cease. The Book of Mormon tells us 3 of the things that god has yet to reveal to us.
First, 2 Nephi 29:11-13 the lord states that there will be a book reveled (or books) from the lost ten tribes of Israel. And that it is from these books (Bible, Book of Mormon, and this other book or books from the 10 tribes) that we will be judged
Second, 3 Ne 26:6-11 in this part of the Book of Mormon Christ is in the Americas visiting the ancient inhabitants of the land. Mormon says  that he can not write a hundred part of the acts Christ did. But he was at the point of writing 'mayor cosas' but the Lord stopped him from doing it. It says that the things that we have now are the 'menor parte' and that we have these things to prove our faith. If we do not cherish these things that we have, if we do not read and study and apply the things that we have the Lord will not give us more and the 'mayor parte' will be with held to our condemnation. 
Why would the Lord give us more revelation if we do not know and understand the revelations that He has already given to us?
And third, Ether 4:4-7 I hope that you know the story of the Brother of Jared and how he saw Christ. He was the first who saw Him completely and realized that Christ was going to take upon Him a body of flesh and bone. But he saw Christ  and his faith was so strong that the veil was taken from him and the Lord could not withhold anything.
Moroni says that the Brother of Jared saw greater things than any other man. That is to say that from Adam down to Moroni nobody had seen anything greater than what the Brother of Jared saw.
Moroni wrote those things in the gold plates and sealed them up. That part of the Book of Mormon was never translated by Joseph Smith. The Lord says that when we repent and become clean and have faith like the faith the Brother of Jared had then we will be worthy to know the things that he knew.
Presidente Benson said (and I am not quoting perfectly) that we as a people and as a church have fallen under condemnation we because we are not taking the Book of Mormon seriously. We need to read it and study it more than we are and we need to know Christ more than we know Him. The Book of Mormon is a test of faith and a pathway to greater light and truth and knowledge and we must read and understand it.
The Lord has many more thing prepared for us it is, we, who are unprepared.

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