Tuesday, September 16, 2014

25 Aug 2014

Wow, it is weird to hear about all of the changes that are happening in the house. It is weird to think that maybe only mom and dad and Arianna will meet me in the airport. Life is changing a lot. But hey I am sacrificing two years from you guys so that other people can have a family forever. 

Something a little sad/ funny is that some people do not what to have a family forever . . . I don't know. For example just the other day we were talking to a couple and we asked the dad/husband in the family would you like to be together forever with your spouse and he said no no oh no no no. We were like what? why? And then he told us that he was only there because he had kids with this woman and he is staying there for the kids and that he is unhappy a lot of the time . . . Soo the law of chastity is really important.

But hey, I wouldn't mind being with you guys forever I imagine that it will be really cool. Especially with all the blessings that we will have. 

I was thinking the other day (this is doctrine according to 2nd Luke) that the difference in the celestial world and the terrestial world is that one will have eternal progression in the real world and the other will have progression in a virtual world. Let me explain. The people in the celestial who are like god will have the power to create real worlds and the people in terrestial will be playing mind craft or something like that and will be creating things in a virtual world mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. 

I would like to be creating real things instead of virtual things
I imagine that the people in the lower worlds won't have anything better to do so they will play video games. 

Hey mom I was wondering if you would be able to put some names in the temple from me . . . I am assuming that you are going to say yes so here the are.
Sulema y Michelle
Gustavo y Maria 
Juan Muñoz 
and Elder Sac my comp also wants his name in the templo so that he can learn English faster

Soooooo if you could get those in there some time today that would be great . . . especially since the temple is only 7 mins away and you should probably be going like once a week anyways
Love, Elder Luke

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