Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Don't leave your keys in the door lock . . . just saying

1 September 2014 (Luke is now one year older - Happy Birthday Elder Rallison 8/31)

Hey fam and friends so this week has been pretty fun so I would like to share a few things that have happened in the course of this week. So this week started off really well. We have a family here (they are recent converts) and they are introducing us to all of their friends and neighbors and their other family members. So that is really awesome. On Monday we went and visited them and it was awesome. And then we got a call from our zone leaders.  Our zone leaders told us that we could not visit that family any more because a missionary (8 months ago) kissed the lady and got sent home . . . so that was not fun to hear especially since they give us more referencias than anyone else. Disobedient missionaries ruin everything. 

We have been working with a woman named Patricia and this week we had a few good lessons with her. She has a difficulty that I wont share with you guys but she broke down and just started to cry and cry and cry and so we did what I think all missionaries do in that situation. My companion and I looked at each other and we started praying in our heads and the spirit started guiding us and by the time we left she was calm and there a peaceful feeling in the room and she had a the resolve to overcome everything and we were all feeling really good.
The next day we visited Patricia to see how she was doing and she was super happy and smiling and laughing and we confirmed that she was going to come to church with us and she said that she was. And then she asked us a question I have never had anyone ask me. "¿Do the people sing alabanzas and clap in your church?"
" Umm no . . ."
"¡Whhhaaaaaat! ¿Why not? How can you worship the Lord without clapping your hands?
She was super confused and I am not sure why but focused on that and so we talked a little bit about that. She finally said, 'well I guess I can't judge a church before going and seeing how it is. And so I give you my word that I will go with you guys this Sunday. Because it is the spirit that will convince me.' 
So Sunday we show up at here house to show her how to get to the church because it was her first time. As we were walking up to the house, she came out, all dressed up ready to go to church. and then a car pulled up and she got in and left (but she didn't see us). so my comp and I were like what just happened?¿?¿?¿? 
We called her and she said . . . Oh sorry something came up and . . . then she hung up sooooo we are going to visit here tomorrow to find out what the what with her.

Later that night we walked by a house and the keys to the house were still in the door knob. in Colombia (at least where I have been in santander) there isn't a door knob on the out side just a key hole and the key is used to open the door. And someone left the keys in the door. 

So my comp and I thought he we can do a service here, knock on the door and tell the person that their keys are in the door and then we can try to contact the person. So we knocked on the door someone came to the window saw us (didn't know that we saw them) and went back to doing what they were doing. 

So I was like what the heck! That person just rejected us before they had the chance to hear . . . that we were there to serve them . . . So I opened the door and stepped in the house. In the front room there were 6 people watching TV. I scared all of them I'm sure. I said you left your keys in the lock and put the keys down and left . . .
But the look on all of their faces when I entered their house was pretty funny.

But hey, there are lots of people who reject us before the know why were are there. I guess they reject the Lord more then us because we are there to represent Him. But here is the thing: 
Getting rejected for the Lord's sake is much better the being accepted for the worlds sake.

Love, Elder Luke

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