Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hottest spot in the mission is still not as hot as Arizona - 18 Aug 2014

Hey. So I do not think Barranca is as hot as Arizona. So far it hasn't been to bad. It is the hottest place I have been in in the mission though. It is really super green here though. So that is weird that it is hot but green. I don't know. For me hot is associated with death and burnt things and the desert.

My companion looks like a Latin Travis Talbot so that is pretty weird. I will have to send you guys a picture next time. I do not have a lot of time. Today is a festivo so nobody works so it wasnt until now (late in the day) that we found an internet cafe open

But life is good and that is pretty much all I have time to say

Love, Elder Luke

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