Monday, December 8, 2014

10 Nov 2014

Well I hope that everyone is doing well. I was a little sad to find out that there is no Thanksgiving in Colombia. I suppose that it makes sense because it has to do with the Pilgrams who came from England to the United States. But I always enjoy eating lots of delicious food and then sleeping on the couch. I suppose I did get one Thanksgiving on the mission in Washington so  that is pretty cool.  I just started realizing that i am on second and lasts with holidays. For example, I had my last Halloween of the mission. This past Halloween I was thinking, "oh so this is what Halloween is like in Colombia. Now i know what to expect for next year. Since it was my first one in Colombia I thought that I was going to get another one . . . and then I remembered the one I had in Washington. Sooo ya, that was a little weird.

I have 2 theories about the second coming. First, I think Christ will come on a rainy day because it rained Sunday and half of the branch didn't show up. And second, i think that it will be a General Conference. I mean how else is it going to be published to all the world. 

I was imagining that the other day. Someone from the First Presidency directing the meeting and saying we will now listen to the choir sing the Battle Hymn of the Republic and then Christ will address us . . . That would be pretty crazy. Like the time when we were in Hawaii and we all went snorkeling instead of watching Conferenece and Asenath was all upset that she couldn't go and then she told us that the missionary age had been lowered and we thought she was just trying to get back at us and then it really had but we didn't know because we were not watching . . . ya that was pretty embarrassing. 

So I had a bunch of scriptures that I wanted to share with you guys today about the plan of salvation but I forgot to bring my scripture journal so you I guess you won't get the knowledge that will almost take you to a high mountain where visions take place. But I will give it to you guys next Monday because it is tots bosssssssssssss

I lurvs you guys  
Elder Luke

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