Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas in Colombia and my district is awesome!

So everyone here has the spirit of Christmas. Christmas in the mission is always my favorite time because it is the time when the people seem more spiritual. So it is easier to find new people and we have an excuse to sing to random people without it being to weird. And it gets even better because the church has release El es la Dadiva (I do not know what it is exaclety in English, He is the gift or something idk). Anyways it is awesome because we can show it to a lot of people. The church is also buying all of the advertisments in YouTube the 7th of December and the church has this baby plaung all of the time in time square. So this is pretty much the best time in the history of the world to be a missionary. The gospel is flooding the earth, in a way it never has before. 

And no, the people here do not have Thanksgiving so the decorate more for Christmas and actually start decorating en November so that everything is all decorated by December. 
Umm sadly I do not have a whole lot of time today because today we tried to see if they had shoes here in Colombia in my size because mine totally broke (like super duper uber broke) and I didn't want to wait for my package. So we went to like 10 stores and walked for hours and only found 2 pairs in my size and they were really expensive.
So i do not have a whole lot of time but I love you guys and talk to you next week
Elder Luke

PS: you should recognize the older woman in the back. We baptized her in Novermber. She and her daughter are posing with us. 

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