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God's plan of happiness

17 Nov 2014
Hey so I would like to share will you guys a couple of scriptures that I have found that you can use to talk about each point of the Plan of Salvation. 1) for your personal growth and 2) to help know where the doctrine is in the scriptures and 3) to help you explain better God's plan to others. I hope that you will take the time to look at each one of these scripture and I hope that you will put them in a scripture journal with your thoughts about them.

I am going to put the names in Spanish because it is easier for me. I will also explain a few things about some of the verses but you should really read this with your scriptures in hand to under stand it.  

jeremías 1:5 
efesios 1:4
1 pedro 1:19-20 these 3 scriptures talk about how people were called to a work before they were born or before the foundation of the world 

eclesiastes 12:7 the word return is deliberately used here meaning to go back to a place we have already been

proverbios 8:22-27 so who wrote proverbs... it was solomen proverbs 1:1
he is talking about himself here in these scriptures and verse 30 reveals to us that he took part in the creation of the world. this is cool because we have very few names of people who participated in the creation all though we know that many did.

moisés 3:5 (I think that this scripture is the most obvious but it can lead to other questions like whether rocks have spirits or a form of intelligence . . . also . . . there is a commandment that would shouldn't show the Pearl of Great Price to people who aren't believers... because the Book of Mormon is part of their test of faith. and if they don't have believe in the basics then the greater light is with held from them to their condemnation.  

(Also I do not have time to tell you all my thoughts about every scripture but if you have questions or want to know my thoughts about a specific scripture you can ask me and I will tell you

now I know that there are more scriptures in the Old Testament that talk about this topic about how Satan fell but i do not have them with me 

Apocolipsis/Revelaciones 12:3-9 Juan is a little symbolic cause that is just how he his . . . the dragon is Satan that is explained in vs 9 and the 3rd part of the stars are the 3rd part of the gods children that followed him. Satan's angels, the spirits who followed him, were considered angels until the were thrown out of the heaven

2 Nefi 2:17 it is always god to show that the Book of Mormon supports and clarifies many things of the Bible.


efesios 3:9
hebreos 1:1-3
colosenses 1:15-17 i think these are pretty self explanatory... but some people think that Christ creating the earth is a Mormon doctrine but it is really a Bible doctrine

Wow I think that this is a topic that is hard to understand for many people. It is still something that I do not fully understand. It is really important to understand it. You need to understand the purpose of the creation of the earth but if you do not understand the Fall you will not be able to understand the Atonement. Anyways I do not have time to share with you all the scriptures I have about the fall with my comments

But here are a few:
2 Nefi 2:22-25 explains that it had to happen. Umm some day if you want I can send you the 10 (short pgs because my note book is small) of scriptures and comments from the bible supporting this Book of Mormon vs. bc there are some people who do not want to accept it but the short story is that it is true and that it had to happen. 

Some people think that Satan frustrated God's plan (and that God's plan was for all of us to be in the garden for ever) but lets examine that for a moment . . . God is all powerful and all knowing, so would it be possible to destroy the plan of an all knowing all powerful being? Especially if you are not all powerful and all knowing???? Ahhh no

So let's go back to 1 pedro 1:19-20. It explains that Christ was chosen to be the Savior of the earth before the earth was formed . . . before the garden . . . before Adam and Eve . . . before the fall. God already had a Savior . . . Why? Because He knew that it was going to happen, because it was part of His plan.


2 nefi 2: 7-8 I think that this is one of my fav scriptures, especially about the atonement of Christ . . . while you are reading this ask yourself, 'what does grace mean? what does mercy mean? what to merits mean?'
juan 3:16

juan 5:25 and 28
1 pedro 3:19-20
1pedro 4:6
alma 40: 11-12

acts 24:15
1 corintios 15:20-22
alma 40:23

SIDE NOTE!!!!!! some people think that Christ resurrected Lazuras (thanks to the Jehovah's Witnesses) but it is not true!!!!!!!!!!!!  It wasn't a resurrection, that was reviving. How do we know that? Because Christ was the first to resurrect. acts 26:23 and 1 corintios 15:20

FINAL JUDGEMENT (I don't remember if judgment has a 2nd e or not... but don't focus on the symbols on the pg focus on what they mean)
2 cort 5:10
3 ne 27:14
juan 5:22-23 mmm interesting

D and C section 76
1 corintios 15:40-41
2 corintios 12:2 can there be a third heaven without a second and a first? no you can not. so there are 3 if you don't understand the verse I can explain it . . . Actually I will just do it now. It says Paul knows a man (the summery at the front tells us that it is Paul himself, but it is easier to explain it to someone by just saying that Paul knows the person) that 14 yrs ago had a vision. Then Paul says that he is not sure if the person was physical taken to the third heaven or only saw it spiritually. but God knows. The important part is that someone saw the 3rd heaven

Freak that is a lot but if you want to understand Gods plan for you better, you should study it and be valiant and not a lazy bum. because you will read in section 76 that el reino terrestre is for those who are not valiant

Love, Elder Luke

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