Monday, December 8, 2014

Global fans, deep thoughts, and dinosaurs

Hey Mom, 
there are some women in the branch who want your books so I don't know if any of your books are in Spanish.  One young women asked for Just one Wish and Deep Blue Eyes . . . But she also understands a little English if there aren't any in Spanish. She says that English would be fine. So yah, there are some people who want your books so idk if you could send some but I said that I would ask.
anyways love you
Elder Luke

After sharing an experience I had discussing some doctrine with someone who has decided to leave the church after 30 years, Luke made the following observations

Well that pretty much is why we can't be complacent and have the attitude that all is well in Zion. Because then we do not try do grow and build and strengthen ourselves. The first time that a trail or challenge comes, they fall. That is also why I am not going to raise my kids in Utah. Because the weakest missionaries I have seen come from there. Because they never see opposition (or they see a lot less of it) so they never grow. But something like that happened here in the mission. A missionary received a letter from his dad that said 115+ reasons why I have decided to leave the church. A lot of them were stupid.

It is interesting because in the war chapters in the Book of Mormon if you read it carefully you will realized that the biggest problems (for the Nephites) and the root of a lot of their problems were not the Laminates . . . the enemies were apostate Nephites

And so it is and so it will be with the church. I think it's because alot of people think all is well in Zion

Here are a few funny P-day fotos. Pretty random statues

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