Monday, July 28, 2014

Defender of the Truth (part 1)

'si hace esto, el señor le bendecirá y usted se convertirá en un defensor y un mensajero de la verdad.' Manual Misional pg 4
So the point of this message is to help prepare to be a defender of the truth. Mind you I say defender because attacking for the cause of the truth, more often than not, (in my experience) doesn't help a whole lot. But also there are a lot or erroneous ideas so we need to know how to cortar cabezas (but heads) if we have to. 

apostasía 1
 that Adam and Eve were not the first people or the only people here in the world. that god simple put them in the garden but when they left there were other people in the world. I do not know were religious people get this idea... but the do not get it from the scriptures. If someone shares this idea with you, you can slap them with GEN 3.20 and explain that Eve is the mother of all living. Sooooo there were in fact not other people because all the other people came from her. 

apostasía 2 
That Christ in heaven does not have a body. First you can explain what death is. Physical death is the separation of the body and the spirit. JAMES 2.26 in this scripture he does a comp that faith if it doesn't have works is dead just as the body if it doesn't have a spirit. So a body without a spirit is a dead body. We know that Christ will never die again ROMANS 6.9 also there is a good scripture in ACTS 1.9-11 that says Christ will come to the earth in the same way he left the earth with a body.

apostasía 3
María la altisma virgen... la bendita virgen
it is not OK to pray or worship or incline ourselves (a.k.a. pray to) to any kind of image or thing that is not god EXODUS 20.3-5 but some people then say its not that we are worshiping Mary, it is just that she is a mediator or intercessor . . . OK, lets go to 1 TIM 2.5 that says there is one mediator between God and man, the man Jesus Christ. Only Jesus can be our mediator because only he paid the price of our sins and only through him can we be saved. That is why he said I am the light and the way JOHN 14.6 you could also just say show me in the Bible an example of someone praying to Mary . . . because there isn't one in there. And there are some people that believe Mary was a virgin forever . . . because the catholic church teaches that sometimes. But it is apostacy. MAT 1.25 and mateo 13.55

apostasía 4 
That wine must be used in the sacrament. Read the following scriptures.
1 corth 10.16 y 21 1corth 11.23-25 mateo 26.26-28 y luke 22.20
Where in the scriptures do they use the word wine . . . they don't. And they say that it is not the wine which is the symbol of the covenant but the cup. Why is the cup the symbol of the covenant of Christs blood? I personally think it is because LUKE 22.41-44 when Christ asked God if it is possible pass this bitter CUP from him. And he said this directly before he bled from every pore. So it is not the wine that is the symbol because it actually doesn't say wine in the Bible it say cup which is the symbol.

apostasía 5
That after we are baptized or we accept Christ we automatically receive the Holy Ghost that it will just descend upon us. So there is a story about about Philip, a missionary who was preaching and had success and baptized people. But what happened is after he baptized them they didn't magically receive the Holy Ghost because it doesn't happen like that. So when the apostles heard that the people had been baptized they sent Peter and John (those who had the authority to baptized with fire, because they had received the authority from Christ) and they give the gift of the Holy Ghost through the laying on of hands ACTS 8. 12-17. There more scriptures that you can show about the Holy Ghost through the laying on of hands ACTS 13.3 ACTS 19.2-6   2TIM 1.6

pensamiento espiritual. 
the importance of being perfect. Is it important to be perfect or what does being perfect mean? That would probably be a better place to start. I am going to define it as being without sin. Is that important? Yes because no impure thing can dwell with god 1 NE 10.21 and 3NE 27.19 (also 1 corth 6.9-10 and efe 5.5). In the same way that light and darkness cannot occupy the same space at the same time impurity cannot dwell with purity. God and all those in his kind and his kingdom are pure if we want to be there we have to be also. We have to be 100 percent pure or perfect. God has high expectations. He expects and demands perfection. MAT 5.48 3NE 12.48 EFE 5.1 3NE 27.27. It is a commandment to be perfect and if it is a commandment, it is possible NE 3.7 and 1COR 10.13. If you don't think you can do it is because your a wuss. But it is a requirement. No se puede argumentar. but hey God gives us tools to help us reach the high expectations that He has set. Find out what they are EFE 4.11-12 and 2TIM 3.16-17 and read this invatation MORONI 10 32

That is all I have time for. The church is true... Elder Rallison is showing it. And God showed it to Elder Rallison. Tune in next week for more defensor de la verdad

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