7 July 2014
I am still alive. Today is the day of transfers. I didn't get transferred, still in Cucuta. But my comp did get transferred. He's going to Bogota so he has a long bus ride ahead of him. 
I am writing you guys a short email to update you on some stuff. Something that I thought was cool happened this week. A long time ago in my missionary prep class the teacher told a story about a man who felt like he couldnt recieve forgiveness for some of the things that he had done and then missionaries shared with him Alma 24:10. A thought came into my mind, 'hey you should write that scritpure down because you are going to use it one day to help someone.' And this week I did. We had the same problem. We were teaching someone who felt like he couldn't recieve forgiveness (granted he has the right to think that) but I felt the impression to share the scripture that I had been saving for a couple years and so I did. And it helped him. That was pretty cool. 
Also I now have my camera and my notebook and all that stuff so that is good. Last Saturday we had a baptism of a man named Adelson. He is an older man, 60 something yrs old. He was a preacher/father/priest in another church for 30 yrs. He was then dignosed with cancer. He has had it for 7 years now. Recently he began to pray that angels would come and visit him and teach him more of the word of God and converse with him and things like that. Not to long after that we, the missionaries, showed up. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he began to read it and study it and compare it with the Bible. When he got to Jacob 5 he told us he had a great feeling of unexpilicable joy. And knew that the book is true. (and I thought that surely must be the spirit because I have never had a feeling of joy reading Jacob 5) 
After his baptism he shared his testimony with the members that were present and said through his diligent study he could testify to all of us that the Book of Mormon is true and that he had read it and that he knows it is from God. And that he feels really bad that he spent 30 yrs of his life leading people through false paths with a false doctrine. I know he has a great peace knowing that if he dies he will die in the truth. 
So that was all pretty cool
The church is true. Love, Elder Rallison