16 June 2014
voy a hablar acerca; cristo es jehova otro día, porque no tengo mi librita conmigo, que tiene todas las referencias.
We can become like God. everything God does here is a symbol for how things will be in heaven. We can become like our parents here and in the same way that we grow in grace and wisdom and ability and become like our earthly parents here is, in a way, how we can become like our Heavenly Father. The scriptures say that we are gods ye children of an almighty god (psalms 82:6) and if we are children, then we are heirs and joint heirs with Christ and we will be glorified together if we follower his path (Romans 8:16-17 and Galatians 4:7). So we can receive everything that Christ received. What did Christ receive? He received everything. The scriptures actually say that he is Gods equal (Philippians 2:5-6). So if we are joint heirs with Christ it means we too can receive everything or become like god

So some people might say, 'aww so there are many gods for you guys; so you guys are polytheists.' Ummm well God is a title not a name (because God has a name... its not Jehovah, that's Christs name) and it is a title that represents creation, all powerful, from eternity to eternity. It is a title that more than one can have (PSALMS 82:1). But for us there is one God the father and one lord Christ so no we are not polytheists (1 Corth 8: 5-6)

Here are some ways that you can present the Book of Mormon with the Bible.
mathew 7:15-20 Christ says beware of false prophets and then he says that we can know whether or not a prophets is a true prophet by their fruits. Some people might say nope there wont ever be more prophets, the time of prophets is over. If that is the case how come Christ didnt say that there would not be more prophets? How come instead he gave us the way to descern if someone is a true prophet? Because more prophets will come and we need to know who they are if we want to follow God. So after this scripture you can explain that the Book of Mormon is the fruit of Joseph Smith and that if you want to know if Joseph Smith is a prophet you only have to examine his fruit, the Book of Mormon. And then they can ask God james 1:5

You can also use john 7:17 if you want to know if these things come from God or come from man. Test them or try them out and the truth will be revealed. So if they want to know if the Book of Mormon is doctrine of God or man they need to test it. A good way to test a book is to read it.
John 21:25 the last verse in the Gospel of John says that Christ did many other things that he didn't record and that if all of them were written it would fill up many many many books. So that means that not all of the things that He did are in the Bible . . . you can then ask if they would like to read a book that has more of the acts of Christ and show the Book of Mormon where Christ came and visited the Americas. You can explain that the Book of Mormon has acts of Christ that are not in the bible and the same Bible says that it isn't able to say everything that Christ did.
so . . .
mathew 12:25 a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. So you can show the Book of Mormon and say if it invites us to come to Christ it can be from satan because if satan was inviting us to come to Christ his kingdom would be divided. Then you can show some scriptures Hel 5:12    2Ne 2:8  2Ne25:26  Omni 1:26. You can say, 'look it invites us to come to Christ and we know that satan isn't going to give us that invitation. so if its not from the devil who is it from?'

Love, Elder Rallison