Monday, July 28, 2014

what was it like when Colombia was playing in the world cup?

4 of us in the house of a member watching the first game of colombia in the world cup .... and something else i do not remember what the other picture was

It had been a long time since i had used electric stairs I had forgotten how to do it.

we found this house that looks like a castle (it IS a castle) in our area so we were like hey lets take pictures. and then I was like hey lets play on it . . . soooo we did
 This is a shout out to the Strong family. I've scaled their walls a few times! Ha!

this is a party that we had with an exploding candle

The first foto is the guy whose whiskey we stole jajajaja. He is a little crazy and he also likes making us hamburgers . . . I feel like we have a pretty good relationship (notice the ankle weight?)

 the second is our district... I hate suits
 Lastly, here's a cool kid. His whole family got baptized.

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